The Komer Clinics consult with corporations, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry to develop wellness programs and to further research on the applications of The Komer Method to various areas of healthcare.

As a physician with 40 years of experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, with particular expertise in hormonal therapy in both men and women, and now with treatment of concussions and traumatic brain injuries, Dr. Komer is in a unique position to assist corporations and organizations in their work.

Dr. Komer combines clinical experience in both hospital and office context as well as his work as a seminar instructor to provide insights on both men and women’s health in particular and healthcare in general.

Throughout his career Dr. Komer has continued his professional development through conferences and educational events.

Dr. Komer has provided leadership and served in a number professional associations and boards in the healthcare field locally, provincially and nationally.

Writing for both popular and professional publications reflects Dr. Komer’s commitment to assisting both the public and other health care professionals in their understanding of women’s and men’s health. Dr. Komer is skilled in preparing educational events, being a lecture and a facilitator in many of these.

Dr. Komer has had extensive media training. He has been in on the product launch of several new medications including very successful press conferences and media days. Three of these medications were Alesse, Estrogel and Prometrium.

One of Dr. Komer’s fortes is preparing a pharmaceutical sales staff for interaction with physicians about their pharmaceutical products. He takes a “real-life” as opposed to a theoretical approach, so that pharmacy reps are well prepared to detail their product.

Dr. Komer curriculum vitae may be found here

Dr. Larry and Joan Komer are also well-known as excellent seminar presenters in the areas of women’s health, men’s health and well-being. They are also part of the Strategic Seminars group www.strategic–

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