Canadian Executive Coaching – Executive Coaching for Canadian senior executives, managers, department heads, top sales people and leaders. Serving a wide range of industry, government and not-for-profit with one on one coaching to improve performance, provide personal support and reflection. Based on a whole-person model that recognizes our different skills, passions and abilities – Canadian Executive Coaching will help you reach your full potential as a leader and as a person. Serving Toronto – Newmarket – Hamilton – Guelph – Waterloo – London – Windsor in person and worldwide online. @CDNExecCoach

New Hope for Concussions, TBI and PTSD If you, or someone you love, have had a concussion, whiplash or brain injury – this book is for you. Dr. Larry Komer and Joan Chandler Komer offer new hope to those with brain injuries. This will be helpful for the injured person, their family, and for healthcare professionals. The foreword of this book is by the beloved Jack Canfield, co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller’s List, “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” @PeakPerformInst

Dr. Bill Cook, M.D. – Dr. Cook is a board certified psychiatrist in private practice in Mississippi with offices in Jackson and Natchez. His practice serves adults with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, relationship problems, grief issues, substance abuse including opioid abuse and dependence. He is the co-author of a book on aging and retirement, and is also a contributor to Dr. Komer’s book on concussions, TBI, and PTSD. “Discover Your Oasis – Hope for the Weary Caregiver” on compassion fatigue, for those in the helping professions, is co-authored with Grant D. Fairley. @DrWilliamSCook

Discover Your Oasis – Hope for the Weary Caregiver – This book is on the subject of compassion fatigue. It is a resource for those in the helping professions such as social workers, nurses, teachers, doctors, and other careers that focus on caring for others. It is also a helpful resource for those who care for a loved-one who suffers from a chronic or debilitating condition. This book is co-authored by William S. Cook, Jr., M.D. and Grant D. Fairley. @SilverwoodsPub

Face To Face – Windsor Ontario cable program since 2000 has been the show to watch for interviews with Windsor’s community, business and political leaders, and personalities hosted by John Fairley. Guests and topics are from Windsor and Essex County, Ontario.

Dr. Larry Komer, MD – A physician, author, and a sports and corporate consultant, Dr. Komer is a pioneer in the restoration of optimal hormone levels. His , health, performance, happiness, and vitality. This new area of medicine is called Interventional Endocrinology. His book New Hoper for Concussions TBI & PTSD is co-authored with his wife, self-esteem coach and CEO, Joan Chandler Komer. The foreword is by Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. @drkomer

Dr. Blair Lamb, MD – Understanding and treatment of pain conditions affecting people of all ages with special focus on fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, whiplash and more. Dr. Lamb is a physician who practices in the field of rehabilitative pain medicine whereby we use non interventional and interventional modalities to facilitate in the rehabilitation of acute and chronic, regional and global, pain and injuries. Learn more about pain physician and innovator of the Lamb method of using spinal BOTOX® to treat low back pain and many other chronic pain conditions. @drblairlambmd

Look Up – Way Up! Remember The Friendly Giant? Look Up – Way Up! is the biography of television’s beloved Bob Homme. It is a behind the scenes history of an enchanting program enjoyed by generations on CBC television and NET (now PBS) stations. @SilverwoodsPub

McK Consulting Inc. – A diverse consulting company offering business consulting, conflict management, education, executive coaching, and publishing. Strategic Seminars offers seminars on motivation, relationships, sales skills, conflict management, compassion fatigue, and great customer service. Our publishing activity is by our Silverwoods Publishing division. Executive coaching services are offered through Canadian Executive Coaching.

Masters Men’s Clinic – Andropause – also known as male menopause – information and andropause clinic with understanding men’s health and well-being at all stages of a man’s life. We have a special focus on men’s andropause, male depression, stress management and fitness. Now offered is medical executive health coaching for men’s health andropause and more. Clinic director is Dr. Larry Komer, MD. @MastersMensDr

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